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Exclusive small group, internationally led trekking expeditions to remote off-the-beaten-track locations that explore not just amazing landscapes and nature, but unique mountain cultures in a way that benefit these communities.

- Dolpo: Remote Tibetan High Himalaya of Nepal
- Silk trade and pilgrim routes of Southern Armenia
- The Virunga Volcanoes of South West Uganda



Explore not only amazing and remote locations but experience unique and fascinating mountain cultures

Our journeys focus on not only walking in some of the most sectacular remote locations on earth but on forging links with remote communities to allow us to experience traditional cultures in a way that few trekking companies do in countries as diverse at remote Tibetan Nepal, Armenia and Uganda. We tap into local expertise and indigenous wisdom to give unique insights into the beliefs, stories legends and daily lives of remote cultures.

Our links with remote mountain communities, traditional herbalists, lamas and monks, village elders, traditional households, forest people, yak herders and nomadic traders create unique cultural trekking journeys with authentic and meaningful interactions with cultures that we can learn so much from.

Our Trips

Client Testimonials

It is as if we were part of a BBC documentary on the indigenous people of Dolpo. An amazing experience.

Jeanette Arnott

"A shared experience with a community. Not just a hike through a wonderful landscape"

Liz Bibby

" A unique experience very much into the heart of the Dolpo-pa, unlie other treks which speed through the landscape and seldom touch the culture"

Anne Ince

Slower trekking with meaningful and deeper interaction with remote communities

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Journeys that impact on travelers and the communities we visit.

16 days

Dolpo - Remote Tibetan Nepal



16 days
A unique trekking journey to the sacred and other-worldly Lake Phoksundo among little visited villages, monastries and stunning landscapes of the hidden, culturally Tibetan valleys of the High Himalaya of North West Nepal.

2022: Trips starting May, September and November (contact us for dates)

23 days

Footsteps of Mathiessen's Snow Leopard


£3950 TBC

23 days
A unique journey retracing the footsteps of the 1973 expedition of author Peter Matthiessen to the sacred Crystal Mountain of Upper Dolpo that resulted in the cult travel book 'The Snow Leopard'. The journey is being undertaken with biographer Lance Richardson as research for a major official biography of Matthiessen.

2021: New dates 14th September to 6th October 2021

12 days

Silk Trade and Pilgrim Routes of Southern Armenia



12 days
A pioneering journey along the hidden pilgrim trails and silk trade routes of Southern Armenia, exploring the ancient, modern and recent history and natural environments of the Vorotan River Gorge in collaboration with hill communities along our route.

__2022:Inaugral journey 25th April to 5th May 2022__

2022: Journeys in Spring and Autumn (contact us for dates)

16 days

The bio-diverse Virunga of South West Uganda

Now being developed with our pioneer journey in summer 2022
An extraordinary journey by foot among little visited villages, through equatorial forest, across crater lakes by dug-out-canoe and to the African Alpine zone of the high Virunga Volcanoes - the habitat of the Mountain Gorilla.

2022: Inaugral journey in July (contact us for dates)

About Us

A small ethical trekking company that was founded from a background of rural development

We are a very small trekking company spacialising on journeys to off-the-beaten- track locations in stunning corners of our world where there is potential not just to explore amazing scenery and nature but also remote mountain cultures. The company was founded in 2018 by Gavin Anderson and Jigme Lama who between them have over 50 years of professional experience in international rural economic development. Nomadic Skies is based in Ullapool in the beautiful NW Highlands of Scotland but we have close links with the mountain communities where are journeys are focused.

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Our Vision

Travel that supports fragile communities in remote locations

We believe that ethical and eco-tourism can impact positively on remote and fragile communities and environments if done correctly. Journeys that tap into local wisdom and knowledge and seek to create a deeper understanding of the culture, lives and eco-systems of remote areas are inevitably more enriching and interesting. But these journeys can also support remote and fragile communities by ensuring that we use local skills and purchase locally wherever possible.

We believe in a slower form of trekking where there is potential for authentic interaction with local communities and where locals become our guides to the areas in which they live. A form of trekking which also economically benefits local communities.

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